10 days

I’ll try to make this short and sweet so that you don’t have to read through twenty paragraphs of my blathering before I get to the point.

There are 10 days left to vote for SixtyFeet to possibly win a grant worth $10,000.


Any idea how far that money could go in Uganda?

Well, I don’t technically know…but it’s far.

And the bottom line is that you can vote EVERY DAY between now and New Year’s Eve. It’s so easy, it ain’t even funny. I vote every day and it takes me literally less than a minute.

Here’s the link.

Just click the link and then click the Vote For This button and then you have to either log on (which means you’ll need to establish an account) or you can just login using Facebook. Which is super easy. And which is what I do. Because I like super easy.

We are currently in 2nd place, which is a grant of $5,000. But we’ve got to keep voting each day in order to maintain our spot or to sneak into first place. Or maybe we could sidle into first place.

I like a good sidle.

You’re standing at a party, talking with friends, and suddenly someone appears out of nowhere, right in your personal space. That someone who is now all up in your burger is what I like to call a sidler.

But I’m way off track. Why are you distracting me with sidling?

Anyway, please vote. Every day. It costs you nothing but a few seconds of your life. And for the work that SixtyFeet does for the least of these, it’s MORE than worth the minute that it takes.


On your laptop.
On your PC.
On your smartphone.
Sitting in your comfy house.
Probably well fed…

…taking a whole minute out of your day to help

Without the latest technology.
Without frequent meals or bottled water.
Without anything but the clothes on their back.
Sitting in prison.

I think you can handle this wee task I’m handing out. Right? Right.

And spread the word! On Facebook, on your blog…Tweet about it if you’re a Twittering kindova fella. Whatever. Just let peeps know…we’ve got 10 days.

10 days, people.


Amie - December 21, 2011 - 9:35 pm

Got my vote on!!!! LOVE Sixty feet!!!

Kelly Raudenbush - December 21, 2011 - 9:42 pm

I’ll be voting!

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