three down, two to go

We have had a busy week ’round here…hence my lamesauceness and the lack of posts. Sor-ray.

I can’t believe we’ve already been here three weeks and only have two left. It seems we’ve finally figured out how to do life here, and now it’s almost time to leave. Time has FLOWN by!


Shelly’s team of 9 arrived last Saturday night, and it was non-stop action. We kicked off our week with church in Bwerenga at Ernest and Mama Catherine’s church. Lucas was asked to preach at the second service down at the Flower Farm. Can you imagine? Not knowing that he was going to be asked to preach, I took the kids back to Mama Catherine’s house after the first service. I’m BUMMED that I missed it, but I heard rumors that it was good stuff.

This week, Flo and I got to go work with the team, while the men-folk stayed at the house with the kids.

They played in the dirt a lot.

By the way, in case you’re wondering who Flo is, she is one of the Ferrell’s who are living with us. She and Boog (her husband) and two children are here through the end of July. We couldn’t have better housemates…we are extremely well-suited to be sharing a house together. Much fun is had here.

We spent the first half of the week with Shelly’s team in the remand homes with the children, as well as interviewing our sponsored children who are currently in boarding schools throughout the area. It was a highlight for me to see how thrilled the older kids were when we showed up to interview and visit with them.

It was especially great to see one of our older boys, Aron, who I met in one of the remand facilities last October. Just eight months ago, he was living in a prison.

Where did I see him this week? At a vocational school where he’s studying to be a caterer.

He is doing well in school and is happy and full of hope.

I love it. (I wish I would have had my stupid camera out so I could have gotten a picture of him…he was totally adorable, sporting his SixtyFeet tee.)

On Wednesday, Flo and I hosted a dinner for the team, the interns and the Gash family.

Um…that would be 19 adults and 9 children.

Flo and I stayed home that day and cooked our hineys off. Since we fixed about 10 different Ugandan dishes, we decided that we should form ourselves a catering company.

We also decided that we needed a logo.

I’ve never been a woman to shy away from some good fonts.

Kelsey got creative and framed it for us.

She made us look incredibly professional.

On Thursday we piled into three vans and drove to Jinja to spend the weekend visiting other well-run organizations.

I love Jinja. It’s a beautiful, quiet town that sits on the edge of Lake Victoria. It’s a serious contrast to the nutty city of Kampala, where I breathe in so many fumes whilst sitting in traffic that I’m convinced I’ll die of black lung.

Anyhoo…we visited Emily and her beautiful kids at Ekisa, and then went the next day to visit Kathy and her wonderful children’s home, Redeemer House. We helped the kids make scrapbooks so that they can save some memories from their days at Redeemer before being adopted by their forever family.

(we can’t take any credit for the neat-o scrapbook idea…Kathy thought of it…our team from Atlanta just supplied all the cool paraphenalia)

That afternoon, we got to do some touristy stuff and take a boat out on Lake Victoria to the source of the Nile. (yes, we got on that rickety lookin’ boat)

We rode out on the lake to the island right where the source starts. It’s so cool…you can see where the water bubbles up from the spring.

It was a fun little outing.

For our last day in Jinja, we got to visit Amazima Ministries.

Yes, I met Katie Davis…it was hard not to be a little starstruck. She’s pretty much a rock star in my book. But after talking to her, I quickly realized that she’s just a normal girl with lots of kids, doing what God has called her to do. Amazima is an incredible ministry that serves hundreds of children in the local area outside of Jinja, as well as helping their families.

If you don’t know Katie’s story, go to Amazima’s site, or go read Katie’s blog, or get a copy of her book. It’s an incredible story…you won’t be disappointed.

While we were there, our friends, Jenny and Brad, showed up. It’s so wacky to run into peeps on the other side of the planet. How she could be just off a plane not 12 hours ago in this picture and still be so cute is beyond me. (she’s on the left with the large pink bag)


I could never achieve this level of cuteness after flying for 2 straight days.

As we got ready to leave Amazima, we looked around for Jane (our other three kids had gone back to Kampala with Kelsey).

We found her perched under a makeshift hut, talking to a gaggle of boys while they ate their lunch.

Oh Jane…

…I just love your big ol’ heart.

Also, there was a pet monkey there named Franco, who would stick his head out of the hole in the side of his cage if you’d knock.

Okay, so this post has rambled on for 16 pictures and over 900 words. But I had a lot to update.

One more picture and I’ll shut up…

For Father’s Day today, Flo and I went shopping and bought our husbands (and our driver, Daniel) official Ugandan “football” jerseys (soccer jerseys, for you American peeps). 

I thought they looked pretty dapper.

I’m finished with this extremely lengthy post now.

I promise.

The end.

Naomi - June 17, 2012 - 6:27 pm

Oh so fun!!! It is great looking at your pics and remembering our own time there! How I can’t wait to return! But have you really been there for three weeks already?

Great update!!!

jenny - June 18, 2012 - 12:04 pm

I LOVE reading your updates and seeing all of your beautiful photos! It looks like you and your family are having an incredible experience there in Uganda… so, so amazing! And, you met Katie Davis?! Hello…she is a rock star in my book too :-) Love to hear that she is as humble and “real” in person as I imagine her to be! Enjoy every moment of the next two weeks!

amy - June 18, 2012 - 12:39 pm

Loved each of your 900 words and all the pictures! Just wish beyond belief I could be there too!!!

love - June 18, 2012 - 9:11 pm

why, why, WHY am i not there?!?!?!

Colleen - June 19, 2012 - 2:37 am


Courtney - November 30, 2012 - 9:32 am

I’ve loved reading your blog posts. Jinja is an awesome getaway! I was fortunate to visit while doing short-term missions in Kampala. I have a question about Redeemer House…did it used to be located in Kampala (in Buziga)??? I think I have been there a few times in 2010! It was small…only about 14 kids, but was a fun place! Would love it find out what happened to it if it is the same place. My email is if you get a chance. Thanks!!!

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