when I grow up…

…this is who I wanna be.

No…not Shelly (although she is a pretty great example!).

I’m talking about Mama Catherine. If you don’t know the story behind Mama, just read this blog post, and then this one, and finally this one. Mama Catherine and her husband, Pastor Ernest are two amazing people, and great friends of SixtyFeet.

Ever since I heard about them, I’ve not only wanted to meet them, but spend some quality time with them.

And I finally got to!

(this was taken out at the village where we travelled (VERY FAR!) to attend a formal introduction for some SixtyFeet staff members…kinda like a wedding, but kinda not…hard to explain…I shall post about this event later…calm down, for Pete’s sake!)

I had the privilege of serving with her one day at M2 and M3.


To SEE this woman in action is truly a sight to behold.

She doesn’t hesitate a moment. She just jumps right in with those kids, ministering to them and telling them all about the love of her Father.

You should see the way the kids flock to her.

When we went later that day to the remand home where the little kids reside, Mama owned that place. She had all the kids gather together and sang joyful songs about Jesus and then taught them a Bible lesson.


No notes.

No props.

Just Mama.

Those kids

And to hear her pray in her Luganda language (she also speaks excellent English)…oh man…it’s beautiful. Shelly and I call her prayers “a massage for our ears.”

Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery by the time we got to Mama’s impromptu VBS…I would have loved to have taken some pictures of that!

If you read those three posts I linked above, you will find out that Shelly and Dan and their church raised a sizable amount of money to help Ernest and Catherine with their church, as well as rent a larger home for them.

Do you know what E and C did with all that space?

They filled it with children. Children who need a bed and a roof over their head and food and lots of love.

And they don’t bat an eye, or think for one second that anything given to them is their’s to indulge themselves.

They want to use everything for the Kingdom and to the glory of God.

Why wouldn’t you want to be like Mama Catherine!

PS – don’t Jesus-juke me and tell me “because you’d rather be like Jesus”…that goes without saying…just go with it, peeps.

Elle Bee - October 21, 2011 - 7:24 pm

So so awesome! I love the pictures, the stories, the love of Jesus that is so apparent in all this! Thank you so much for sharing (I check your blog constantly for stories of what you’re experiencing on this trip–I can’t help myself!)

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